Number of packages: 2
Price: 23560 PLN

Before conference

  • Placement of the logo on the website
  • Placement of the logo on all bulletins, brochures and related marketing communication

During conference

  • Possibility of placing the sponsor’s logo on information screens and conference rooms
  • The official sponsor of the second gala dinner party at the Guido Mine Museum
    • Ability to deliver a short dinner speech
    • Placement of a gold sponsor logo on the menu tabs
    • Possibility to place flags or other decorations with the sponsor’s logo on the tables (decorations provided by Sponsor)
  • Possibility to place a banner / roll-up during all gala dinners
  • Two free tickets for the second dinner
  • Logo on a notebook and conference bags
  • ½ of advertising page in printed conference materials
  • The possibility of setting the exhibition stand in the exhibition room
  • The ability to set one banner / roll-up in the exhibition room
  • Advertising materials added to conference materials (provided by the sponsor)
  • Placement of the logo on the slides between presentations and during breaks
  • One free full conference entry (without accommodation)

After conference

  • Placement of the logo in post-conference e-mail correspondence
  • Placing the logo on the website
  • Acknowledgment the support in organizing the conference in the form of a commemorative diploma

Silver sponsor